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Who we are

Claudia Sontheim - @origine_naturalwines

Claudia has an inborn curiosity for all sights, sounds, tastes and cultures. Drawn to natural wine since the early 90s, it was and still is for her a geniune, authentic expression of all the above. After a beginning as an importer in Switzerland, she moved her activities to Munich now to Berlin. She is very concerned about the future of natural wine in the face of climate change and will set a focus on this in the future activities of "Origine Natural Wines".

Mario Cattaneo

Mario was born in Rome and has, much like Claudia, spent much of his life exploring. At first in extensive travels, later in adventures into the culinary world, where he had his own import and distribution company in Italy before chosing to move first to Munich, where he met and worked for Claudia at "Orgine Kiosque", now to Berlin, for "Origine Natural Wines".

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Origine Natural Wines
Husemannstrasse 29
10435 Berlin

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